Overcoming Artificial Stupidity

Stephen Wolfram, the creator of Wolfram|Alpha, just wrote a great blog post about how Wolfram|Alpha is “on average giving complete, successful responses to more than 90% of the queries entered on its website”. Along the way we saw some great examples of “artificial stupidity: places where Wolfram|Alpha gets the wrong idea, and applies its version of ‘artificial intelligence’ to go off in what seems to us humans as a stupid direction.”:

dead horse

male pattern baldness cure

men + women

For more examples check out the original blog post.

Announcing Wolfram|Alpha Pro

Wolfram|Alpha Pro

Over the two and a half years since we first launched, Wolfram|Alpha has been growing rapidly in content and capabilities. But today’s introduction of Wolfram|Alpha Pro in effect adds a whole new model for interacting with Wolfram|Alpha—and brings all sorts of fundamentally new and remarkable capabilities.

Starting today, everyone has access to Wolfram|Alpha Pro at wolframalpha.com. Unlike the “tourist” version of Wolfram|Alpha, though, you have to log in, and, yes, to get full capabilities there’s a subscription ($4.99/month, or $2.99/month for students). (Right now, you can try it for free with a trial subscription.)

Learn about all the new features on our blog.

What planes are overhead?

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yup, it’s a plane, and it is currently 31,100 feet high and traveling to St. Louis from Chicago. Simply enter “planes overhead”, and Wolfram|Alpha will provide a list of flights overhead based on your current geoIP location.  

You can also click on specific flights to learn more information, such as departure airport, estimated flight duration, and more:

Introducing Wolfram Personal Assistant Apps for iOS

Remember the family reunion a few years ago when you met your second cousin who was in your math class two years before that? Awkward. 

Don’t think you’ll ever make that final car payment? 

Today we’re unveiling the Wolfram Genealogy & History Research and the Wolfram Personal Finance Assistant Apps for iOS! 

Avoid those uncomfortable family encounters with the Wolfram Genealogy & History Research Assistant. Plus, it’s the only tool that lets you discover what was going on while your ancestors lived. 

With the Wolfram Personal Finance Assistant App, you can calculate how long it will take you to pay off your current loan. 

You can easily track current market rates for commodities such as crude oil too.

The Wolfram Genealogy & History Research Assistant and the Wolfram Personal Finance Assistant Apps are now available for purchase in the App Store for $4.99. We look forward to bringing you more Wolfram Personal Assistant Apps in the future. Have an idea for an app? We’d love to hear more in the comments!

Google’s Market Cap in Wolfram|Alpha

TechCrunch notes investors added $20 billion to Google’s market cap to bring it from $155.6 billion to $176.1 billion 10 days after the launch of Google+. Using Wolfram|Alpha, you can look at Google’s market cap and see the noticeable growth

While this is true, if you look at Google’s market cap for the last six months, the current value is still well below their peak of $203.3 billion in January. 

Use Wolfram|Alpha to compare the market cap of Google, Microsoft and Apple or any public companies.

This one time, in Wolfram|Alpha…

…I compared a flute to an alto sax!

Musicians will love this new feature of Wolfram|Alpha! Ask Wolfram|Alpha about any set of instruments to get a side-by-side comparison of parameters and characteristics!

As we strive to make all knowledge computable, it’s important to remember that along with scientific, socioeconomic, and mathematical data, seemingly unlikely candidates—such as musical instruments—have much that can be computed.

Check out more details on this new feature in our latest blog post.