US Public School Data in Wolfram|Alpha


We’re happy to announce that Wolfram|Alpha now has data on nearly 108,000 public schools in the United States, which is based on 2009-10 school year data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

You can use Wolfram|Alpha to find out which schools in a given area have the best student/teacher ratio, for example: “What is the student-to-teacher ratio in Indianapolis public schools?” Or you can search for and compare schools using virtually any combination of race, sex, and grade level about a single school or about all the schools in a given area—ask a question like “What fraction of students in public schools in ZIP 94015 are Hispanic?” and you’ll get rankings and distribution plots of the Hispanic student fraction of all schools in that ZIP code.

Or you can learn something about the overall demographics of public school children in a city or other area. Try a query like “total number of 12th grade girls in Manhattan public schools” to learn some interesting stats (who knew the number of female high school seniors in Manhattan is greater than the population of St. Pierre and Miquelon?).

Exploring International Education Statistics in Wolfram|Alpha


Wolfram|Alpha can now answer a broad range of simple questions about student and teacher populations in various countries, such as:

You can also ask questions about student performance and progression in a given country or between multiple countries:

Note that for many properties, you can also query for and compare statistics by gender:
What fraction of grade school teachers are female in Europe? »

Wolfram|Alpha for Teachers


To help teachers better understand how to get the most out of Wolfram|Alpha’s products, we’re excited to announce a series of teacher workshops, free to all teachers in K–12 classrooms and beyond. Delivered online via Adobe Connect session, these workshops will allow teachers to get an inside look at how to build lesson plans with Wolfram|Alpha queries, create a series of widgets for their classroom, and explore how Course Assistant Apps can be used on iPad, iPhone, or iPod in class to supplement textbooks and traditional instructional methods. To register for a workshop, visit our Wolfram Education Group page. Be sure to share the link with fellow teachers in all subject areas—we’ll be tackling more than just math instruction in these workshops! And in the meantime, be sure to visit our education resources page.

In addition, to celebrate the start of another great year in classrooms everywhere, we’ve got a special treat for all K–12 teachers. All you need to do is reply in the comments section of our blog post and tell us (in less than 100 words) how the use of Wolfram|Alpha in your classroom has positively impacted your teaching or your students’ learning, and you’ll be entered to win your choice of one of our Course Assistant Apps—for your entire classroom! Be sure to include your name, school district, grade and subject(s) taught, and email address in your post. We will choose the winners on August 30, 2011. View the full terms and conditions for this contest.