7 Billion People

The United Nations has stated that the world population is expected to hit 7 billion people soon. That is a lot of people. Let’s try to put that into perspective.

According to Wolfram|Alpha, 7 billion people equals around 6.6 percent of the total number of Homo sapiens to have ever lived. 7 billion people also produce approximately 490 GW of heat, which is around 41 times the power of a space shuttle at launch. (It is also enough energy to power 405 flux capacitors, in case you were wondering.)

Once we hit that 7 billion people mark, China will make up 19.3 percent of the world population. 

Add India’s population to that, and the two countries make up 36.7 percent of the world population. The United States will be 4.4 percent of the 7 billion

A breakdown of population in all countries in 2011 also helps put things into perspective.

Using the data we receive from the UN Population Division, it is predicted that by 2025 we will add another billion people to the world population

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